Anna Milne
Family Photographer
Crowsnest Pass

Anna Milne family photographer in Victoria BC
Hi, I am Anna, nice to meet you

I am a family photographer in Crowsnest Pass.

When I first held a professional camera back in high school, I came alive and developed an unwavering love and passion for photography.

I began to see the world differently, taking notice of the places and things around me and how I could capture their beauty with my camera.

I have a love for my camera, coffee, and running. On some days the coffee comes first I live for adventures, meeting new people, and exploring new areas.

More about me 

  • Born and raised in Toronto Ontario and moved to Victoria to raise my children.
  • Have two beautiful kids, both left to start their own lives, and I sometimes miss the craziness of a full house. 
  • Traveled and volunteered around the world from Texas to Africa to Berlin and India. Going to Africa was something I wanted to do since I was 8.
  • Have been a runner since I was 12, just finished a half marathon. 
  • Lover of chocolate and coffee. Oh, and snacks, I am the best for grabbing snacks.
  • Road trips are my way to destress. And an excuse to have lots of snacks.
  • I love holidays and hallmark movies.
  • I think birthdays need to be a week-long event.
  • Being a photographer is something that I wanted to do since I was 15. And love that I can do it in Victoria BC.
  • Love to dance in the kitchen or living room. Usually, while no one is watching, or I hope so.
  • Next on my travel to a place I am leaning towards Thailand.
  • I absolutely love being a family photographer in Victoria, meeting families, and capturing YOUR stories. 
  • I have a degree in Child and Youth Counselling, and have worked at a maternity home for teens, and volunteered at a Children’s Home in Mexico. 

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