Tofino BC- Why adventures are important

Tofino BC

Tofino BC

Why adventures are important

This past weekend I had the absolute delight of going to Tofino with my fav partner in crime.

It is storm season and the waves didn’t disappoint. I am amazed at the wonder of the waves, the power, the noise the impact they have. While we were watching them I was mesmerized and drawn in. I couldn’t look away.

We live in Victoria and it’s a bit of a drive to get up there, I am not so much a morning person except when vacation is happening. I gladly got out of bed and got organized to go. We made a few stops on the way, as we had the dog with us and well pee breaks are important. 

It rained for most of the trip up usually I am not so much a rain person, but again vacation changes everything. 

Our hotel for the weekend was a great little spot with a beautiful view of the water. The room came complete with a mat, dog bowl, towel, and treats for the dog. I feel it’s the extras that make all the difference. Parking was easy, and the rooms were quiet. 

The name is kept simple Tofino Motel.

“Fill your life with adventures, not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.” 

Once we arrived we walked around the town, if you have never been to Tofino I highly recommend a trip. Tofino is a quaint, fun little town. It has a wonderful feel to it.  There are various gift shops and one-of-a-kind places to visit. When I am away I love to explore, learn and walk around. I feel you look at things differently when in a new spot. It is winter time so there are fewer restaurants that are open.  Being the off-season made it a bit more peaceful and relaxing which is exactly what we needed. To slow down and take those moments to smell the roses. 

We had a late lunch at Shed, it is a mix of pub food with a Westcoast twist. I ate off the kid’s menu because I was in need of some comfort food. I choose the grilled cheese, and I have to admit it was one of the best-grilled cheeses I have eaten. The bonus was it was off the children’s menu so the crusts were cut off.  Served with fries it was the perfect comfort food meal. 

Tofino BC

The next morning we got up and ready for coffee we had our spot picked out. I have heard wonderful things about Rhino Coffee as they have one close to where I live. I have to admit I am a bit of a coffee snob, I love good coffee. Rhino did just that, the coffee was perfect, wonderful, and gave us the kick-start for the morning.  The breakfast was excellent as well, with us getting the breakfast bagel and the wrap. It was filling and we ended up eating only half and saving the rest for a snack later in the day.

We took a leisurely walk back to the hotel checking out the wharf and seeing the boats.  The water on this side was mellow peaceful and had a calming effect on us. We made our way back to the hotel, grabbed the dog, and headed out for the day.

Our first stop was Long Beach which is part of the Pacific Rim Parks. It’s a stunning group of beaches. The rain stopped for a brief time as we walked around, the tide was in which ate up most of the beach. We found a spot to sit and observe the water, sit and watch the tide come in and out.  As we sat I looked over and saw the space between a rock formation that I felt was waiting for a picture to be taken. Thinking we had carefully planned we ventured over so I could get the shot. Needless to say, the tide came in and we got soaked and then stuck. It didn’t quite go back as far, we did a little rock climbing in order to get back to the path.  One of our very laughable moments. 

I might need a moment before I share our supper for that night. We are still laughing about it, and truly how bad it was. I have to say it was the worst meal both of us have ever had. I have done lots of traveling and eaten around the world. This was the worst. The flip side of it was that the reviews, and our reliving the experience made it worthwhile. We are still laughing about it. Trust me though it was the worst, do yourself a favor and go to Shed.

Tofino BC - Why adventures are important

I am a big believer in adventures, road trips, and vacations of any length of time. For me no matter what kind they are, you experience things that you are unique and off-side. You see beautiful sights, and you get to have quality time with those closest to you, and you laugh. I have found that with all adventures that are things that happen that you talk about for time to come. That brings you back to that moment. Something that is unique to you and that time. Like the pictures that we take. For me this time it was that restaurant, as bad as it was I just can’t stop laughing at it. This will be our remember when the moment, our I can’t believe that happened moment. The OMG how did that happen moment.

Adventures are a way to experience life, get out of the routine, destress and see the world around us. Whether it’s for a small drive around where you live, a couple of hours away, or across the county. Adventures are a must in my books. 

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Anna Milne is a Family Documentary Photographer in Victoria BC Canada. She has loved having a camera in her own hands since she was a teenager. If you have questions about having a family photo session, click on contact above or email at anamilne@shaw,ca

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