What are Family Goals?

Family Goals for 2023

Well, let’s first start with why family goals. And how to set your own family goals for 2023. Family goals are a great opportunity to reconnect and have a sense of trust and stability within the family. It can also build the family as a unit and also strengthen each individual. Bringing everyone’s ideas can grow their belief that they matter. 

So what are they? They are things you want more of in your family, and even to do less of like screen time. They are ways to bring the family together, such as movie or games night. Giving each person a day each month to plan the day, is an amazing way to build esteem. You can have financial goals travel goals, volunteer goals, or some slow-down goals. 

I encourage you to have fun with it, brainstorm, and know there is no right or wrong answer. 

Family Goals for 2023

Goals need to be measurable and Specific

What the heck does that mean? Well, it means there needs to be a way to measure that you met the goal. So, the more specific the better. Say you had a goal to spend more time with your family, awesome, but what does that look like? How about eating dinner together as a family 4 days a week, or having a movie night a month? This is spending more time and also specific. 

Goal setting needs to include the whole family

When setting goals you want to include all the family members in the brainstorming sessions. This can be done in a few different ways. A family meeting where everyone gives their thoughts. Another way to do it is by having a jar out on a counter where everyone can write down their ideas or goals. Depending on the ages of the children they can come up with a few ideas or pick from a couple of their favorite things to do. 

They need to have a feel good reward to them

Goals that we set need to have a good feeling reward to them, and everyone to know the why in order to be able to buy into them. Even things like having a once-a-month purge, why? To declutter to be able to find things, to donate gives the family reason to take part. Even with the family movie night, why is this important? Knowing this ahead of time will help to have everyone on board and less likely to make other plans on that day. 

Grandson and grandma playing chess together in the golden hour sun.

10 Examples of Family Goals

  1. Get family Photos 🙂
  2. Do weekly movie nights.
  3. Eat supper … times per night as a family.
  4. Do a new sport,
  5. Take Lessons.
  6. Do a monthly purge clean-up of the house.
  7. No screen time 1 hour before bed.
  8. Exercise as a family
  9. Start the day saying what you are greatful for.
  10. Have meatless Mondays.

Long Term Family Goals

Having short and long-term goals are important. It builds patience and teaches that what you do in the short term builds the long term.

Some examples. 

  • Yearly Vacation,
  • Saying for bigger items, new cars, or summer camps.
  • Summer vacation,
  • Volunteering overseas,
  • Learning goals
  • Family emergency fund. 

I hope you have fun planning your family goals, if you have any questions please reach out. I would be happy to help or guide you in your process.

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