Family Photography in Victoria BC

Family Photography in Victoria BC

My goal is to change things up a bit on how we see the family photographer in the greater Victoria area and beyond. I am talking about no poses, no props, no must smile, wearing matching outfits ad the biggest No Stress.

Now if all of the above is your thing no worries. Keep ready this might also be your thing.

I am talking about Documentary Family photography.  Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven’t. Believe it or not, it has been around for a very long time. So Documentary style is taking those real moments in family life, and telling your story as a family. It’s spending a day or half a day in life with your family. 

Mom and wee baby in Victoria BC
Mom and new baby

When the photographer arrives at your home there isn’t a setup, props, or extra lighting. It isn’t ok everyone stands still, don’t poke your sister, smile, ok again smile. With some more stand still and begging, and then threats.

No, it’s come as you are, do what your guys do and your moments will be captured. When you think of it, it’s a really freeing way to be. I know for sure also no stress. 

It is telling your story. It is being present to capture your daily life to keep as a family heirloom.

Boy wining the game of chess over his mom

One thing about this style is there are a few rules. Such as don’t add or removing anything in the area you are shutting. If there is a cup there or towel on the ground it stays. Leave the lightning as it is. And one of the biggest is editing. There isn’t a high level of editing and no photoshop. Hair is like it is, rough skin, pimples. All stays.

Why is this? Because this will take away from the realness of the goal of the session. It also keeps those moments as they are. We are simply beautiful as we show up each day.

There is a Code of Ethics as well.

Taking a rest from a long day

What are some ideas for Day in the Life?

  • New House
  • First day of school
  • Birthday
  • Family coming to visit
  • Lazy or not-so-lazy weekends
  • Christmas celebration or other holidays.
  • To remember a time when the family was all together.
  • Capture the kids before they get older. 
Kids on the trampoline
I recognize this might be a scary thing due to its being newish and not what people think of when it comes to family photography sessions. The joy of it is you get to show up as you are. I won’t judge your house, you don’t need to have all the dishes down, I won’t judge if your children fight, I won’t judge if you haven’t showered for days. Why? this is not who I am and also I have been there raising my girls.
It is recommended to get family sessions yearly, to see the growth in your family. I also highly recommend getting an album after all we are capturing your family’s story. It is also to have family pictures around the house. There have been studies done on this and the huge, of self-esteem, self-worth, and belonging. Have a read on some research.
Boy playing his favorite game, chess

Questions? Please reach out to Anna Milne Photography. We would love to help and tell your story in 2023!

More about Anna Milne

Anna Milne is a Family Documentary Photographer in Victoria BC Canada. She has loved having a camera in her own hands since she was a teenager. If you have questions about having a family photo session, click on contact above or email at anamilne@shaw,ca

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