Things to do over Christmas Break

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Things to do over Christmas Break

Leading up to Christmas can be a flurry of activities from Christmas concerts, and visiting families to shopping. This leaves the best of us exhausted.  Now the kids are home, what can you all do to avoid that dreaded “I am bored.” Here is a list to help and ways to create new memories. 

Kids baking with their mom Things to do over Christmas Break

1. Bake together as a family.

Everyone picks their favorite recipe and have a day of baking. You can bake for the family, make little gift bags, and share them with the neighbors, mail carrier, and amazon driver. 

Grandson and grandma playing chess together in the golden hour sun.

2. Have a Games Day.

Bring out your games, and have a competition (great for not-so-good weather days.). Chess, monopoly, charades.  Have a prize for the winner, a poster, or a trophy. 

Children at Christmas

3. Local Christmas Activities

There are many local festive activities around Victoria. From the festival of the trees to the wonder of lights to ways to give back.

Have a read here for more details. 

Hiking at Royal Roads

4. Go on a family hike

We live in such a beautiful city with many spots to go and explore. From Swan Lake to Francis King Park to the many trails at Royal Roads University. So many options to tire the whole family out. 

Movie fun with the family. Anna Milne Photography.

5. Family Movie Day.

During Christmas break, rest is so needed as well. Bodies are tired. Having a movie day is a great way to rest and still enjoy the time together. Have each person pick out a movie while someone else is in charge of every important snacks. There are many great holiday movies, Elf is on my must-watch list every year, and Christmas Carol is also a great classic. 

Christmas can be filled with traditions, and also a time of creating your own new ones. Grabbing hot chocolate and driving around and seeing all the amazing lights. I am a big fan of road trips, car drives can be so healing and adventures are good for the family. 

No matter what you do this holiday season, enjoy the time as a family.


Anna Milne is a Documentary Family Photographer based in Victoria BC. She loves capturing those fleeting moments as a family. For more of her work have a look here.

More about Anna Milne

Anna Milne is a Family Documentary Photographer in Victoria BC Canada. She has loved having a camera in her own hands since she was a teenager. If you have questions about having a family photo session, click on contact above or email at anamilne@shaw,ca

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