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Family having story time. Documentary Family in Victoria BC


Documentary Family Photography in Victoria BC

‘What is Documentary Family Photography? While it might be raining out or even not-so-pleasant weather. It seems like the perfect time to introduce you to a new type of offering with Anna Milne Photography. It is called Family Documentary. I find it a beautiful way to tell your story, your day-to-day. What you as a family love to do most. One of the best parts is you don’t have to worry about how everyone will pose or wear.

Have you ever wished you could take pictures of those magical moments you love as a family, whether it be bath time, storytime, cooking or baking in the kitchen, or hanging out and playing games? Well, now you can.

I want to tell your story.

Every family has a story, and that story unfolds each day. From waking up and having breakfast, taking a family hike, playing in the neighborhood park, snuggling in bed, playing games, or having bath time. It is your story and it’s uniquely yours.  

This is the beautiful thing about booking a family session you are a part of the story and are very much a participant. 

You wake up I am there to take pictures as it unfolds, as you wake up and start the day. Meal times, sports, school drop off’s. The possibilities are endless. 

Now you might be thinking, Hey Anna why would I want this? With documentary photography, we capture the real moments, the way your children look at you across the room. The love they have in their eyes, the admiration, the way they look at their siblings.  I admit life is busy we don’t have time to sit back and look at all those moments. Sit back and see what was going on, what each person was doing and feeling. 

Clients are surprised when they get their images back, something touches their hearts in ways they didn’t think of. 

I am often is awe with what comes out of life when we are still and just let things unfold. 


Things are done differently

Different is good. There is less stress and more fun. You don’t have to worry about how to pose, or when to smile. The focus is on candid real moments, and everyone being themselves. This shows up in your photos, it is real-life moments. The session is a glimpse into your life of what you love doing as a family. My job is to come to observe watch and take pictures as you go about your time with me. Its real-life fleeting movements are captured to be remembered for years to come.

Taking a documentary approach

This means the photographer does not intervene with the scene or set up poses. We watch the time unfold as you are in your natural space. If you are wanting poses this of course can happen. It’s your time and no two sessions are the same.

Right now, I imagine all kinds of questions and concerns are running through your head. From what if my house is a mess or we are pretty boring what will you take photos of? Our house is kind of small, or how about can we meet outside? But what if we want some posed pictures?

First, I get it and I understand. It’s looking at family photography differently. It’s natural and fun; our kids are growing up fast, and no one wants to miss out on those memories. No one is boring, think of your favorite things to do as a family. Those are the memories we are capturing. We can meet at your house, backyard, or in your favorite park. It is your session, and it was created with you in mind. 

Have more questions about Documentary Family Photography in Victoria BC, feel free to reach out.

More about Anna Milne Photography.

Anna Milne is a professional photographer living in Colwood BC serving the greater Victoria area and beyond. She is a believer in capturing family moments that are fun, candid, and full of love and life. To see more of her work, Click Here,

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