Why I love being a family photographer.

Family laughing in Victoria BC

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” Annie Leibovitz

 I love being a photographer in Victoria BC For me photographing families I feel honored to be with them in that snippet of time. To find the love within each member and capture that and bring that into each image. A moment that is fleeting but will be remembered each time they look at the photo.

Maybe I need to backtrack a bit on how I arrived as a family photographer. When I was in high school, I felt a camera in my hand for the first time. My world changed; I began to notice the world around me differently. I had a strong desire to capture what was around me and keep it forever with me. I had a goal of becoming a photojournalist, traveling the world, and sharing what I saw.

I let go of this dream and let life happen. I did do the traveling piece but never the photo part. This desire was deep in my soul and always had a hold of me.

This past March I was in a job that drained me, and a good friend pushed me to start my business of photography. I jumped in not knowing what I would do or how it would unfold. I took pictures of everything, including nature, and landscape, and this then brought me to family photography. I was hooked and found my place. It is my love for people, my background in Family Counselling, and my love for photography all brought together in one place.

I know firsthand how short life is, how in a blink of an eye things change, and kids grow up, this is my why for family photography. To capture those moments that will last a lifetime, those images will be passed down to our and our children’s children.

When families show up to the shoots, I want them to arrive in their authentic selves. Dress in what they love, Tutu included.

Happy girl climbing a tree

While we are together, we walk, we talk, and families play, and I am there to capture the moments. These are candid moments and have unique realness to them. I want families to see themselves as I see them full of passion, full of love, and enjoying the time we have spent together. My edits are love key usually just sharpening the images, I don’t photoshop because that will take away from the realness of the images. I know often we put off pictures waiting for that perfect weight, our hair, and clothes. Truthfully our children don’t remember that, when they look back at the images they are flooded with the memories and think that was an epic time.

Silly happy family Victoria BC Photographer

This type of photography session is stress-free, fun, and engaging. The family shines are they can be themselves. Their uniqueness shows up in their images and I get to watch this all unfold. The relationships I have with the families, and the children are something that I feel honored to be able to have. So, why do I truly love family photography? Because I can witness, take part in, and capture a snippet of time in the families’ lives, and preserve that for them to hold onto forever.

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Anna Milne is a professional photographer living in Colwood BC serving the greater Victoria area and beyond. She is a believer in capturing family moments that are fun, candid, and full of love and life. To see more of her work, Click Here,

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